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2019 workshops

Call for Vendor and Core Workshops

Vendor Workshops

Vendors are invited to hold workshops on Monday, March 18th (before the U.S. Hydro 2019 technical sessions begin on Tuesday). Vendor workshops will initially be allocated a 3 hour time slot for either the morning or afternoon workshop session. Requests for longer or shorter time slots can be made and will be accommodated if possible. The deadline to submit your vendor workshop title and description is November 30, 2018.

Core Workshops

Core workshops and the Hydrographer Certification Exam will take place concurrent the technical sessions March 19-21. Core workshops provide a refresher on key topics (e.g. tides, geodesy etc.) covered in the Hydrographer Certification Exam and are an important component of the U.S. Hydro Conference (for both hydrographers seeking certification and others interested in learning). If you have provided a core workshop in the past, please consider doing so again or suggest another person/group who may be able to deliver the information. If you have not provided a core workshop in the past, but are interested in contributing to the community of learning at U.S. Hydro please sign-up. Core workshops will be added to the program on a rolling basis through February 2, 2019, but early sign-up to host a core workshop is encouraged and appreciated. To sign-up for a core workshop please submit the workshop topic, number of hours needed to present the topic, and preferred day/time of workshop.

Workshop Submissions

Vendor workshop titles and descriptions, core workshop topics and any workshop related questions should be submitted to the Workshop Coordinator - Samantha Bruce, QPS (bruce@qps.nl).

Call for vendor workshops deadline to submit title and description is November 30, 2018.