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Get In COntact with the Southeast Chapter

Feel free to contact any one of the board members below with inquiries or comments. Alternatively, drop us a line in the general mail box by clicking here. We'll be sure to answer your email in a timely fashion.

Mailing Address:

THSOA-Southeast Chapter
PO Box 60341
Lafayette, LA 70596

Website Sponsor

Please email southeast@thsoa.org if you would like to become a website sponsor.

If you would like to email the Southeast Chapter officers, you can do so at southeast@thsoa.org.


Chairman: Woody Straley – UTEC Survey, woody.straley@utecsurvey.com 

Treasurer: Mike Nitska – HydroTerra Technologies mike.nitska@hydroterratec.com

Secretary: Linda Guillory - Retired, laginla@hotmail.com

Technical Chair: Scott Haydel - Aqua-Tech Services, LLC scott.haydel@aqua-techservices.com

Membership Drive/Student Liaison Chairman: Mike Nitska – HydroTerra Technologies mike.nitska@hydroterratec.com

Fund Raising & Events Chairperson:
Kim Dailey -  Teledyne Odom kim.dailey@teledyne.com

Educational Subcommittee

Chairman: Mike Nitska – HydroTerra Technologies mike.nitska@hydroterratec.com
    Louisiana Representative: Tara Levy, Oceaneering tlevy@oceaneering.com

    Mississippi Representative: Steven Harrison - Harrison Hydrography & Oceanography steve@hhando.com

    Florida Representative: Trevor Yocum -  Measutronics Trevor_Yocum@Measutronics.com

    Points of Contact

    Alabama - Donald W. Rowe PE & PLS, don@rowesurveying.com

    - Mike Nitska, southeast@thsoa.org

    Mississippi - Max Van Norden, maxim.vannorden@usm.edu

    Georgia - Randy L. Tompkins, P.S.M., tompkins@degrove.com

    Florida Northeast - Randy L. Tompkins, P.S.M., tompkins@degrove.com

    Florida Panhandle - David Ham, ham@gctengineering.com

    Central Florida
    Russell Hyatt russell@hyatt-survey.com
    Michael Higgs Michael.higgs@higgshydrographictek.com
    Christian Shaw christian@hypack.com