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The Houston Chapter meets on the second Tuesday of every month unless otherwise specified. For events where alcohol is served, please see our alcohol policy on our policies page. 

Upcoming events

    • May 11, 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (CDT)
    • Online - Register for Teams Link

    The Hydrographic Society of America-Houston Chapter's May Technical Meeting

    The Hydrographic Society of America - Houston Chapter's May Technical Meeting

    Location: Online - Register for meeting link

    Terradepth Announces Results of Phase 1 Underwater Autonomous Submarine Trials to Map the Earth's Oceans | Business Wire

    Speaker - Ken Childress - Terradepth

    Title: The Emergence of Maritime Deep Tech - and how to fund it

    Additional Info: Emerging deep technology shows considerable promise in solutions for hard maritime problems but funding to support the development of these technologies as applied to the marine environment has been problematic due to the nature of traditional investment. Terradepth shares its approach, outlook, and lessons learned.

    Terradepth | Ken ChildressAbout the Speaker: Ken Childress has over 30 years of experience in technology oriented business development and business start-ups. His specialties are in maritime robotics, information technology infrastructure, integrated networks and cloud computing. Veteran of multiple start-ups in technology and robotic systems and top Silicon Valley technology companies including Cisco Systems, Redback Networks and Force10.  He Co-founded Ocean Aero, start-up developing unique, environmentally efficient ocean going robotic platforms for maritime data gathering service, and participated in raising funds from Teledyne, Lockheed Martin and Venture interests.

    • May 11, 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CDT)
    • Online (Pickup of prizes in Houston, 77041)
    • 54

    Win a $200 memorial day bbq package for just $10!
    Sponsored by:

    Summer is coming, and our virtual Labor Day BBQ raffle went so well that we're doing it again. We have have to stay apart due to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean you should go without good BBQ this Memorial Day weekend!

    Buy a ticket for just $10, proceeds support the THSOA-HC Scholarship fund. You will have a chance to win one  Grand Prize, or one of two 2nd prizes.

    Winners must pick up their prizes in Houston, so please be sure you will be around Houston on or around May 28th-31st, or have a crazy-good logistics team ready to get your winnings from Houston to your location.

    GRAND PRIZE (Sponsored by ZUPT)

    1 lucky winner will each receive the grand prize, nearly $200 of meats and prizes for their Memorial Day weekend. This includes:

    • 1/2 brisket
    • 1 rack of ribs
    • 1 order of burnt ends, OR 1 dozen tamales (beef or pork)
    • And a gift basket of cool swag

    That's enough to feed a large family, or a small wolf-pack for the whole 3-day weekend!

    Runner-Up Prizes (Sponsored by SES and OARS)

    2 lucky winners will each receive the runner-up prize, nearly $100 of meats and prizes for their Memorial Day weekend in one of two options:

    • 1/2 brisket
    • And a gift basket of cool swag
    • 1 rack of ribs AND; 
    • 1 order of burnt ends OR 1 dozen tamales (beef or pork)
    • And a gift basket of cool swag

    The Rules:

    • Each entry to the event sold online is one ticket. To purchase multiple tickets, you can add "Guests" to your event listing and pay for them. For example, a registrant with 4 guests will have purchased 5 total squares.
    • Payment online must be completed within 15 minutes or your order will be cancelled. 
    • The grid is made up of 100 squares (10x10), a maximum of 100 tickets will be sold for this event.
    • Squares are filled in first come, first-served order. Starting A1-A10 then B1-B10, etc. 
    • On May 11th, at the end of our technical talk (do not need to be present to win), letters and numbers will be assigned to drawing cards for all 100 squares and winning squares will be picked at random.
    • Winners will be notified by email or phone and can pick up their prizes in Houston at the DOF Subsea office. Time and date to be confirmed with Uncle J and the winners.
    • Please do not sign up as "Anonymous user." Otherwise, winnings go to the next square pulled. 

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