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About The NEW ENGLAND Chapter

We've now established the New England Chapter. If you would like to become a New England Chapter Officer, please email Nick Townley.

New England area based members have previously been considered part of the National Capital Region, but starting in 2018 this vibrant maritime region will have its own regional chapter.

As with most chapters the geography of New England can be challenging in letting all members meet at one event. To mitigate this the intent is to have four meetings annually to represent the four main hubs: Boston, Hartford, Portsmouth and Woods Hole. One of these meetings will be marketed as a whole of New England event to maximize the potential for all New England members to meet.

A wide range of members from education, industry and government backgrounds have already expressed interest and a commitment to provide meeting space and presenters. These generous offers will ensure the Chapter can initially flourish, but further offers are required to sustain the Chapter over the next couple of years. 

The first meeting is expected to take place in the Portsmouth area in September, where in addition to an interesting speaker, the Chapter Committee will be confirmed; Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Technical Chair. In addition, four regional points of contact are planned to best understand those members’ needs.