In 2012, the Board of Trustees of The Hydrographic Society of America instituted the Hydrographer Hall of Fame (HOF). The purpose of the HOF is to honor hydrographers who have made significant advances in the science of hydrographic surveying, who have had distinguished surveying careers, who have made contributions in the education of hydrographers and who have provided exemplary service to the society.


Lloyd Huff 

Dr. Lloyd Huff

Dr. Lloyd Huff was selected to the Hydrographer Hall of Fame to honor his career in advancing the science of hydrographic surveying. Dr. Huff has been a leading been at the forefront of designing and integrating development of new hydrographic technology. He received his Doctorate in Ocean Engineering from the U. of Rhode Island in 1976. He spent several years in NOAA, serving as the Chief of the Office of Coast Survey’s Hydrographic Technology Program and was instrumental in working to integrate multibeam sonars into NOAA’s shallow water bathymetry programs. Dr. Huff as authored multiple technical papers on multibeam sonar and RTK GPS techniques for hydrographic survey.

Doug Moore

Doug Moore

Doug Moore was selected to the Hydrographer Hall of Fame to honor his distinguished hydrographic surveying career, both with the US Army Corps of Engineers and with Gahagan and Bryant. He started his surveying career right out of high school as a rod man. Through hard work and dedication, he rose to become the Chief of Surveys for the Philadelphia District USACE. During his time at USACE, he also served as an instructor in the Corp’s Hydrographic Surveying program. Upon retiring from the Corps, Mr. Moore has served as the Chief of Hydrographic Surveys for Gahagan & Bryant.


Jack Wallace

Jack Wallace was selected to the Hydrographer Hall of Fame to honor is outstanding commitment to The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA). Mr. Wallace served as a NOAA officer and worked for many years as the manager of several departments in the Office of Coast Survey. He has been involved with THSOA since its inception and has served multiple terms on the Board of Trustees and as Treasurer of the organization. He has devoted countless hours to serve THSOA as a volunteer and has been the glue that has held the society together through good times and bad.

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